Monday, September 27, 2010

Strike Eagle

Academy 1/48 F-15E Strike Eagle

the kit's box artwork *taken from web

had these pics for some time now so might as well crop em & post it up since its a slow office day...this is one of a very few of my full-on model kit projects: Academy's 1/48 scale F-15D Strike Eagle fighter jet. you can check out the kit review here.

I've never considered this a 100% fully finished project as there are a few minor detailing left to do i.e. the weathering of the jet engines rear nozzles etc. but as usual life takes over and stuff.

I don't remember exactly how much time i spent on this single project alone but it was a lot of painstaking hours...especially for the cockpit detailing and the payload of bombs on both wings...i was even invited to display this during the static displays show at the annual Army day exhibition at the stadium many years ago.

This thing was so heavy & so big it measured over a feet from nose-cone to the rear horizontal stabilizing wings...even the gray manila card i use for a background wasn't enough to cover it as you can see from the last pic. Anyways as usual enjoy the pics and please guys...if you like what you see rate the post by either leaving a comment or clicking on reactions i know what you guys like to see more of in the future.


  1. That is one awesome bird :) would love to see more close-up details of the cockpit up close because I can tell from the fifth picture that you put a LOT of effort and hardwork into it AWESOME job thanks for sharing CHEERS

  2. hmmm...good idea...ok i try to get some more shots this weekend..