Thursday, September 23, 2010

Miri Raya weekend daytrip 11.9.2010'

Miri town from Parksons upper parking...taken with my cellphone cam*

day-trip from a couple of weekends ago during the Raya (Eid Fitri) weekend was either go to the Istana(palace) for Open House or Miri...from my place its less then an hour during normal traffic but we don't go that often even-though you get great currency exchange Bnd$1=Rm$2.2+...don't be always end up spending more then you need to BUT the food is always cheap but great.

*cellphone cam
8 out of 10 times i always come here for lunch...roasted duck/char siew rice open air restaurant located near the 2020 cafe in Pelita commercial centre...near where the main pubs/clubbing areas. Damn damn cheap but great stuff...not as great eaten after-wards if you take-away...gotta eat on the spot right after they chop it up.

we always order a plate of this...stir fried 'meeding'(?) or 'pakis' with baby shrimps...its a fern type of vegetables which grows wild on the highway heading into Miri can often see people just picking the stuff off the road sides on a daily basis...great stuff...not available in Brunei or the mainland West Malaysia...odd.

had this kolo-mee at one of the many residential food-stalls opposite E-mart on the way home...not great but ok.

still no Singha Thai got this to try out...Miller draft beer...and yes you can bring in a limited amount of alcohol/beer into Brunei only for non-Muslims...just fill out a yellow declaration form at the customs on the way back...

*cellphone cam
Parksons...always crowded and always traffic jammed but the upper building parking makes it easier nowadays...

*cellphone cam
old-town or 'lau par sat'...mum always likes coming here to buy cheap supplies such as incense etc for the house prayer-altar.

*cellphone cam
We always make effort to pray here...the old temple in me a sense of well being.

*cellphone cam
Monkey prince *my 5 year old nephew certainly likes these day-trips. No-no toys haul...broke -_-."

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